Formula4Success is a personalized support program for patients and caregivers that helps save time and streamline the process for receiving Vitaflo products they need.


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Our Expert Help Includes:

Product Distribution and Supply

We help ensure patients are able to get the products they need with the following services:

Product Distribution and Supply:

Assistance in finding distributors, pharmacies, or Durable Medical Equipment (DME) companies that carry Vitaflo products.

Vitaflo Direct Supply:

Order direct — ground shipping is free of charge.

Claim Support


The Formula4Success Product Access Support Program provides assistance prior to, and during, submission of a claim for reimbursement.

Your Formula4Success Team will help navigate the payer’s specific claims submission process, including creating a claim packet with the correct forms and medical justification from your healthcare provider, to support coverage for medical foods.

Benefit Investigation


The Formula4Success Team will gather your insurance information and contact your insurance plan to verify coverage for the Vitaflo product. They will obtain the following information:

  • Eligibility
  • Benefit / Coverage Status
  • Out-of-pocket Responsibility (co-insurance and deductible amounts)
  • Payer Coverage Policy (including coverage requirements and/or restrictions)

In addition, the Formula4Success Team will obtain details on all forms and documentation required by your health plan. Throughout the process, the Formula4Success Team will keep you and your healthcare provider updated on the status of your case.

Product Access

In conjunction with Vitaflo USA, Formula4Success maintains a network of national and regional home care providers, pharmacies, distributors, DMEs and home infusion companies.

The Formula4Success Team can:

  • Provide contact information for providers in-network with your insurance and online option.
  • Connect you with an in-network provider of your choosing.