Formula4Success is a personalized support program for patients and caregivers that helps save time and streamline the process for receiving Vitaflo products they need.


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Our Expert Help Includes:

Product Distribution and Supply

We help ensure patients are able to get the products they need with the following services:

Distribution Finder:

Assistance in helping the patient locate pharmacies, distributors, and/or DME companies that carry Vitaflo products.

Vitaflo Direct Supply:

Ordering directly reduces middle-man price increases and ensures product has optimal expiration dates. Ground shipping is free of charge.

Insurance Approval Support

We will investigate benefits associated with an individual’s insurance plan, relating to coverage of medical foods.

This relieves you and your patient/caregiver of time-consuming research and paperwork.

We also verify and/or advocate coverage.

Billing Claim Support

We can offer advice to help the patient/caregiver file a claim with their insurance company.

We will provide appropriate letters of medical necessity and billing codes that will make it easier for the patient to file their claim.

Insurance Appeals

We will help guide patients through the individual appeal process if reimbursement is denied by an insurance provider.